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Atlanta Hollywood Acting Studios is excited to offer you the opportunity to try out one of our classes for FREE!


(more information on classes can be found HERE)

TWEEN / TEEN SCENE (Ages 11-17)

Every Monday from 5:15-7:15pm

Learn to develop a character, breakdown a scene, take direction and work well with your scene partner. Gain practical ways to grow your career on a regular basis including helpful ideas on marketing yourself as an actor and developing your talent with this exciting weekly class for teens and pre-teens! 


Every Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm

Having studied directly under Sanford Meisner, teacher David Cox breaks down this classic technique used by award-winning actors for decades. This weekly class will help develop your skills of listening, real-time instincts and working off behavior. Open to actors of all experience levels, don't miss your chance to learn a beloved approach to acting from a master of the craft.


Every Monday from 7:30pm-9:30pm

Open to actors of all experience levels, don't miss your chance to test and define your essence as an actor. Learn how to emotionally prep as an actor. We will dig into the psychology of storytelling. We wll learn elements of different techniques to find what is best for you. We use improv as a way to deepn connections and express our feelings to deepen your essence as an actor. We willl do some on-camera work and periodically have an in-studio presenation for family, friends and  invited guests. 

REEL KIDS (Ages 7-11)

Every Wednesday from 4:30pm-6:30pm

Learn to read and break down scripts, develop characters, understand how to take direction and make the most of a scene with this high-energy weekly kids class! We will use a variety of acting techniques, memorization skills, and  more to tackle a variety of characters that will keep the fun coming! This year long curriculum will give your kids everything they need to become a strong actor.


Every Sunday from 6pm-9pm

The only official Warner Loughlin Technique class in Atlanta! Learn to use your skills as a storyteller with imagination, life-exploration, and active listening to unlock emotional connection in a high-energy class. Learn how to break down the script analytically and create back story for your character. This class is unlike anything you have ever taken before! Teacher, Wes McGee, trained directly with Warner herself, he was involved in her Master Class and became a certified Warner Loughlin Teacher. Wes is also a working actor. 

IMPROV 575 (Ages 16+ Adult)

Every Wednesday  from 6:45pm-9:45pm


This is not a comedic improv class, although comedy is always infused. Think of this class as Meisner 101. All levels of experience are welcomed, including beginners. The kind of improv that will be performed is based of behavior and active listening. Learn to trust yourself, be free. Anyone who values team work, public speaking and just wants to open up will get a lot out of this class. 

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